Companion app on Android as Ant+ bridge for iPhone

Did anyone setup such configuration successfully?
I want to add some running workouts, and I have Garmin Foot Pod that serves me well for years. But it is Ant+ only.
I also have USB to Ant+ adapter that allows Windows Zwift application to find that Foot Pod as cadence sensor and record running workouts there.
But the nearest treadmill is in the community gym, so I need more portable solution. So I decided to involve Alcatel Joy tablet that can’t run Zwift app (maybe it misses OpenGL? no idea…) but can run Zwift Companion.

So I was going to use Zwift app on iPhone, with Zwift Companion running on Android tablet, with connected OTG USB adapter, as Ant+ bridge.

However I don’t see any reaction of my Alcatel tablet on the USB/Ant+ adapter when it’s plugged in, except the tablet reports that it charges the connected device. And the tablet is not able to detect Ant+ sensors.
Ant+ radio service, USB service and Plugins service are installed. Ant Tester displays that the USB adapter works well.

Any ideas on how to see Ant+ sensors via OTG adapter on Android?
Would it be possible to bridge them to iOS app then?

The Zwift Companion App can only bridge Bluetooth.

What you need is: CABLEINFO - CABLE - Connect ANT+ to BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

Oops… Thank you for the information. Well, in this case native BTLE Zwift Runpod is even cheaper. :slight_smile:

The Zwift Run Pod is not all that great.

If you want something really good go with Stryd.