920xt Android app

Here is how I would like to be able to setup Zwift, wondering if it is possible. I have an ant+ speed and cadence sensor, foot pod and HR monitor. I also have a Garmin 920xt. I have an Android box connected to my tv in my gym.

The Ant+ devices connect to my 920xt which can connect to my phone with BLE.

Could i install Zwift on the Android box, install the companion app on my phone, then have the companion app get the information from the 920xt and send to the Android box?

This would allow me to run it without buying additional hardware as well as view it easily on my TV.

Just wondering if this is a possibility.

Thank you

No, you cannot use the 920xt as a bridge.

You can use NPE CABLE or 4iiii Viiiiva as a ANT+ bridge.