Companion app no longer adding events to calendar

Interesting. Just downloaded new Companion 3.31.1 from Apple Store and there’s no TdZ filter. (I do recall seeing one last year for TdZ and for ToW.) :-\

P.S. Sorry if this is off topic.

Same for me.

Selecting the only show Tour de Zwift filter results in no events/Network error.

Would have been good if it worked but no issue I will just go back to scrolling through the days.

Just finishing off that tangent: the flter seems to have been toggled on in iOS app now:

Functions correctly.

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Still the same on the latest update, prompt doesn’t appear and have to add reminders manually.

There was a new update to the Android companion app (3.32.0 (1321)) which I installed this morning. Now the companion app crashes when setting in app reminders. If I select to add it to my calendar and not set the companion app reminder, it works. The setting to “ask” or set a reminder by default still doesn’t work.

Different issue I believe: Android 12 Zwift Companion app crash [3.32.0] [February 2022 ] [SOLVED]

Brought it up here because it’s related to the broken reminders. Was checking to see if that had been fixed (since Zwift stopped posting changelogs for CA updates) and hit the crash bug.

They still haven’t fixed the reminder settings, tho.

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latest update on android seems to have broken the notifications for a favourite started zwifting for good measure. fix one thing, break 2…

Working fine on my Samsung (Galaxy A71) Android (11) post update.

I’ve found that going into a specific category’s “details” page (rather than from the event’s page, with all the categories listed), then adding myself to the event will add a calendar entry to my phone from the companion app.
Events list → Event in question → Add button next to the specific category = No calendar entry added

Events list → Event in question → Select the specific category → Add button from this screen = Adds a calendar entry:


Good find, should help the devs debug it. Not much quicker than adding the reminder manually though. :wink:

@Lucas_M Is this issue being worked on?

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This is an issue that we’ve had our eye on and our dev team is working on with hopes to get released soon.

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Thanks. :+1:

FYI, the “set as default” button doesn’t work either, it constantly turns itself back off and the settings don’t save (when adding an event to your calendar).

Actually, the button to set default does work. You can check in the app settings->notifications and it will match what you select as a default in the dialog.

The problem is, the setting for creating reminders seems to be getting ignored. If it’s set to “Ask,” it doesn’t, and if it’s set to “Always,” no reminders are set.

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Still the same on the latest update.

I discovered a workaround for this by accident yesterday.

If you go into the category itself, and sign up from there, the reminder and calendar event are set. Even if it’s a single category ride, if you tap the category section, so it loads the page w/ the signups, and tap the :heavy_plus_sign: there, instead of just doing it from the event, it obeys whatever settings you have.

Yeah Colin spotted that above. :+1:

Wonder if this one will make a year. Seven months down!

Dang. I missed that update, or I would’ve been doing it for months now!