Companion App misbehaving

Right, I’ve been having a few issues with the Companion app since the last Zwift update. Zwift is running on a Windows laptop and Companion app on an Android phone.

I first noticed the behaviour when I attempted to do a U turn and Zwift didn’t respond. I mostly do workouts and stick to a few routes, not using the route/turn selection or anything else so I don’t know if they would fail to work also. During all of this time the companion app is reflecting what’s happening on Zwift (power, workout section time etc) so it’s still connected.

Anyhow, a quick disconnect/reconnect of the wifi on the phone and it’s usually back to working order. However, today I did the same thing, hit the U turn button, and not only did it fail to U turn but my avatar in Zwift got speed limited to 14mph. No matter how much power I put out it would only briefly tick up to 15mph then drop back down to 14. I quit my workout and restarted Zwift and it was fine again. Obviously that’s not much of a solution as I like to complete the workouts.

Anybody else had this or have any ideas on how to troubleshoot or fix it? Any suggestions much appreciated.

Please read: Can't U-Turn [October 2021] [1.18.0] - #19 by Ken_Handcyclist

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