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companion app post rose activity review map resizes tiny on iOS

I am getting most rides having a blue map in the activity screen of Companion App and other Zwift Activity views such as web. Its only been happening since last round of updates. Happens very frequently. Once its recorded a blue map, there is no returning to the proper map on subsequent views even if viewing from Zwift website - second image viewed on Windows 10 device

Zwift App for event - Windows 10 Pro 19042.928 on Microsoft Surface
Zwift Companion - Apple iPhone 6 - iOS 12.5.2 (the latest available for iPhone 6)

Same issue. About once every 3-5 rides.

Zwift: AppleTV 4th gen
Companion: iPhone 11, iOS 14.5

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Iā€™m getting this same issue. Was originally happening with my activities only. Now it is happening on other activities. Seems to be getting worse.