Companion app crashes

Hi folks. Who else is suffering from this issue. The Companion app became relatively solid and then, off late it’s started to crash. I do all the usual 1). Switch off mobile date 2). Ensure that all devices are on the same wifi network. I can’t run my smart-trainer, HRM and Sterzo Smart via the app as I get drop-outs during an event.

What am I doing wrong - or is it a temporary glitch until the next update?

Ride on,


Have you tried purging the app’s cache?
Here’s how on iOS
Here’s how on Android

Next thing to try is to delete the app data, also described on that link.
Third step is to uninstall / reinstall the app.

Would you try those and let us know the results?

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i had same issue just deleted app and rs installed and now works well

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Shuji - you are wonderful! I will try this and let you know ASAP