Companion App AND Zwift App running at the same time without WiFi-network

I hope, you can understand my problem.
Actually the Companion app does only run with all its features, if it is not in the same Wi-Fi network as the Zwift app.
Unfortunately I use Zwift in my garage, where I don’t have access to my Wi-Fi network, so that I cannot use the Companion app with all its features.
So why you don’t change this, that I can use all features with LTE-Cellular?

Have you considered picking up a cheap wifi extender that will give you connectivity in your garage?

The companion app connects directly to the machine running Zwift so there is very little latency and Zwift responds quickly.

There is to much space between the garage and the flat, so it would be useless to try a wifi extender.
Nevertheless i have one in my flat, so i will give that a chance.

But despite of that, it would be nice, if they both would run in a cellular network.

Why would you want to use expensive cell data for that?

What is the distance between the flat and the garage? If you use the 2.4GHz frequency you will have a longer and stronger range.

You could also use on of your devices as a hotspot and that could resolve your issue, but again I would recommend using WiFi over cell data.

I suspect there would be too much latency between the companion app and the Zwift machine.

How is the machine running Zwift getting it’s internet connection?

Zwift runs on my iPad via LTE (4G).
My iPhone doesn’t connect to the Wi-Fi network, so I couldn’t use it as a hotspot.
Distance between flat and garage is about 15 - 20 meters.

If you can get a WiFi extender or another WiFi router as close to the garage as possible you could get WiFi in there. The 2.4GHz frequency range is about 42 meters inside and 92 meters outside so you should be well within that range.

If possible split your WiFi signal into different SSID, one for 2.4GHz and the other for 5GHz and make sure when Zwifting you use the 2.4GHz SSID. Also try using a non-default channel when setting it up.

Is there any significant structure (walls, doors, etc) between your home and garage? WiFi (2.4ghz) range should be about 150 feet (46 m).

I have no idea if this will work, but maybe try using your iPad as a hotspot and connecting your phone to it?

Yes, it works.
Thx to you and Paul.
Next time I will try a Wi-Fi extender.
Actually there is no signal, even with he 2.4 MHz network.


IMO, a range extender would be a worthwhile experiment (if you don’t have one, buy it from a store that has a liberal return policy).

I suspect you just need to put a range extender as close to your garage as you can get while maintaining a reasonably good wifi signal.