Companion app and WiFi

I zwift in a place where I have to use my phone as a mobile hotspot for my laptop. Is there any way of using the companion app since the laptop is on the hotspot-WiFi and the app just uses the local phone 4G?

Hi Nicklas, I hope you have unlimited data because I would think that running Zwift through your phone’s LTE would be data intensive but to answer your question: The device running your game and the companion app need to be on the same WiFi network and since your companion app is not using WiFi I personally don’t think it will work.
I am going to assume that you have already tried this it didn’t work. The only way, and you must be really remote if you have no WiFI, might be to use a different phone to run the companion app and then attach that phone’s WiFi to your hotspot. That way both your gaming device and your companion app are running on the same WiFi hotspot.
There are some real IT experts here so maybe there is an elegant solution that they know about .

Yep, company pays my communications costs and the 4G gives around 100M/s download speed so that isn’t a problem (and surprisingly enough, I haven’t had a single failure in two months of zwifting so far).

Yes, I tried it but I was afraid that was the way it worked. I could get a cheap WiFi router with a SIM-card slot and move it there from my phone but that is a bit cumbersome, too. Or get one of those low-bandwidth IoT-subscriptions on another SIM. Probably I’ll just live without the app :wink:

Or get an Ipod or bricked Iphone, like an older one, one that only does Wifi, and use that for your companion app.