Clock chaos in pen

I cannot enter an event and start it as the clock is weird. I also cannot join a bot ride. This is the same for my wife in her account. Only happened from today.

assume the data and time are correct on the device?

Yes, all correct on different devices yet same issue

DST issue ?


I had something similar this past Saturday. Companion app said I was to start TT at 9:04am. Entered the pen and it said, 1:xx:xx :person_shrugging: I waited around and much to my dismay 9:04am came and went while I was stuck in the pen. I quit the event and joined a different one w/out any issues.

I thought perhaps a daylight saving time issue of the event itself (no DST here inTaiwan), but it didn’t add up. The time diff didn’t fall on the hour or even 1.5hr.

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