City crit race

Why is a B grade rider winning a C grade race and it’s still showing this in zwiftpower, city crit race 5.30 pm tonight, Auckland time, what a joke

I guess you are referring to zid=1999416. The winner had not raced for a long time (more than 90 days) and his category was probably C before entering this race. He is now upgraded to B after this race.

British cycling crit city series, the bell lap, the rider is B Fedrick, 3.4wkg for a C grade win, when C grade is 3.2 max, i got second at 3.1wkg, so if he was upgraded why did he get the win, he raced in the wrong cat, plain as day, all i ask is honesst racing and the results to reflect it, it should be changed.

Where can i dispute race results in this place

He had 3.241 W/kg (95% of 20 min W/kg) for this race. That is just into the B cat.

From the description:
"The only results available are the official ones from Zwift, after crossing the finish line.

As we have said, this is just for fun and therefore isn’t a British Cycling sanctioned race and will not count towards British Cycling racing points."

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with the leeway you can be at 3.29 and still win C cat:

Edit: and because it had been so long since he raced he didn’t have an assigned cat until after this race was finished, so no DQ as far as I can tell.

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Ok thakyou

IIRC if you join the correct Cat and are within 0.1 you will not get DQ.

It may or may not be enough to bump you up to the next Cat, but thay will need to be looked at for best 3 avg over last 90 days.

So 3.25, 3.15, 3.12 avg is 3.17, still a Cat C even though there was a race over 3.19 in there.