I know Zwift is a training platform and lots probably say who cares and so on but still. I cannot understand why anybody needs to cheat on here? Is it just to boost your ego cause in real life you’re a nobody? Anyways…

I have ridden up Alpe du Zwift a few times lately and i have noticed some riders always doing the exact same w/kg. Since the power sign was behind his/her name which indidcates that the person is using a smarttrainer i was wondering hos this is possible. Seems like a cheat. I do not believe that you can hold lets say 4w/kg the entire time without it droping or increasing at any time. This is simple not possible as the gradient changes and there is no way to always adopt correctly to hold it. Even with a dumb trainer your legs tire or you stand up for a second or whatever which would result in the power increasing or decreasing. I think this should be looked into.

Yo  Noob, it CALL ERG MODE look it up.

@. Bath Salts (82Kg) (EV)…seems like you have no manners at all. However, i did not know about that mode so cool. I have to try it sometime. 

To be fair, you were a little rude in your post to those of us “nobodies” using erg mode. lol

**. Bath Salts (82Kg) (EV) B ERG mode is NOT that accurat, it do flex up and down al the time…,

Andre Hufschmid, what you might have seen is a bot, in SZR we do all routs to  make segments for Strava that are used in events, thoos bot’s are a Appp that keeps the avatar att a precice watt all the time. 


Mikael Jonsson  YES IT IS on KICKR Neo , + all the good makes. look it up. -+3watts, so yes it can be flat line. #Noob

. Bath Salts (82Kg) (EV) B. I have a Tacx Neo (less then 1% off) and still no “flat line”.

A “segment bot” or cheeting with one will hold the exact same watt ± 0 watt.