Cheap computer setup for zwift?

What the current or upcoming best cheap device to run Zwift on?
I know many people are using AppleTV for that, but that seems overkill and I’d need a bluetooth HRM or a bt/ant bridge. Not a huge issue I guess, but looking to see what are the options?

I am currently using my work laptop and had a bit of a scare when I dripped my sweat all over it…

I’d search for a used gaming-PC from your local second-hand online marketplace.
2 Years ago I got a i5-3470 with 8GB, AMD HD7850 and a 120GB SSD for 100€.
I hooked it up to a Samsung 46" Full-HD TV I got used for 150€

Works in 1080p High profile fine.

Nowadays you should get slightly better Hardware for the same price.

If you want a Laptop, then it’s difficult. They don’t have the power of desktop-PCs.

I run ZWIFT on a 9 year old MacBook Pro.
It works great, so it don’t have to be that powerfull.

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If it’s just the sweat, put the work laptop farther away and use an old USB keyboard and mouse. Or a wireless combo. But those are in the 2.4GHz range, so it may interfere with ANT+ or WiFi.

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I also run it on a slightly newer MBP and I want to avoid sweat or mechanical damage to the laptop…

I’m thinking a cheap Android device might be the cheapest?

Why not a cheap USB-Keyboard and Mouse?

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Hi Lech,
I also use MBP. I have it setup under the TV well away from me. I use an apple track pad and old iPhone for companion. I really like the trackpad it seems much better than a mouse to me.

I use a Lenovo IdeaPad I bought of Amazon for $228 and it works perfectly for my needs. I’ve never sweated on it. How are you even doing that? Did you mount it to bars? Out in to a stand just in arms reach and stop hosing down with leaking body.

well if you need to know the gory details - the laptop is on a desk, about 50cm in front of the bars/front wheel. Sweat dripped off my face/nose and when I exhaled it just splashed it in he general direction of the desk.
I plan to have an older TV mounted on the wall much higher with a PC or an android box hooked up to it much more out of the way…

Good luck finding a solution. I’ve had my own frustrations with my setup recently so I get it.

Maybe a better fan could help, I use this one Lasko 1843 18″ Remote Control Cyclone Pedestal Fan