Chasing Yellow- Stage 18 Rules-

I raced in stage 18 of the Chasing Yellow series earlier. There was a lot of angry chat about the way the packs were formed and not staying with the beacons. Pretty sure that the bad blood wasn’t directed at me as I was racing Cat C but for the life of me could not find anything on the race description that indicated it was anything other than a standard race. From the chat it sounded like it was supposed to be 5 laps in the group before any attacking.
I am confused why some people knew about this and others didn’t.

What am I missing?
Does look like I should have been at the bottom of Cat B rather than Cat C, which I was because didn’t work out the changes in the Zwift Racing ranks until after the race.

I believe zwift racing app changed their ranking method (gold 1,2,3 etc) to stones mid way through the series and then Chasing series never updated their race description which makes it difficult for people to drop into quickly.

Essentially, there was the bones of a good idea in the Chasing series, but the man power ti get it all right across a years worth of racing (in multiple time zones) is probably beyond a single community organiser…

If races are available on the open calendar then both racers and organisers have to accept people will drop into them without understanding the back ground and not read the race description.

Try asking on their Discord

Yeah so what happened was the organiser of the tour decided that out of respect to the riders that had completed all 18 stages that the first 5 laps would be neutralised, in much the same way the final stage of the TDF is, in order to not cause random one off racers to impact the GC standings for those that have been there day in, day out across the tour. Apparently there was going to be a fence, but it wasn’t there haha! Riders who didn’t respect that were DQ post race!!

I’ve wondered if there is the ability to have a fence in a race event. I guess this experience doesn’t really confirm one way or the other.

To the original question, how was it that some riders knew about the neutral start, while apparently others didn’t?

The fence will not work in a race.

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It would be good if it would work for Neutralized Starts.
I know that you can have Yellow and Red Beacon in a Race but never tested if Fence works.

I have and it doesn’t.

It’d be nice if there was some type of automated fence (not requiring a yellow beacon)… eg. it just goes out for the first 3 minutes at 35kmh and then disappears.

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