Changing out a training day

If there is an answer to this somewhere I’d love to be pointed in the right direction.

I am getting set to start the 10 week First Century training program and I just did out my calendar for those weeks. Help… I see a potential hiccup that I’m curious about. There are 2 days that are going to be schedule wise almost impossible for me to do long rides and want to see what the repercussions of either skipping a day or flipping a day are, if even possible. 

The one ride of major concern is literally the scheduled day of my century…I have two 12 hr clinical followed by post conferences the day before and day of and I will be toast. But, the very next day I am off all day. 

Thank you so much for any input! 


You should be able to move things about a bit - just try to keep TSS for the week similar (Training Stress Score). if you’re not following TSS through Strava or something like Training Peaks, just try to keep things paced the same way. I.e. you can shift the odd days about, but don’t load up one week to have a quiet week following.


In terms of the actual century, it’ll be best to taper if you’re not used to that milage. So the week leading up to it, don’t train hard, just some easy spins to keep your legs moving.