Training for 100km

(imrat sohanpal) #1

Hi. I am a novice when it comes to endurance racing. I do commute 2-3 times a week average 20km a day. But not this winter so far. I am due to ride 200km over two days in June. I have Kickr and would like to know what training program or workout schedule does anyone recommend to train for 100km. Thanks

(Nick LaVeaux) #2

Hi Imrat,

We actually have the perfect workout for this called “Your First Century”. It is a 10 week training program that should help get you ready. You can also find quite a few tips from your fellow riders here in the forums. Hopefully they’ll jump onto this thread and contribute. If not, use the search function to see what others have said about this topic. Best of luck in your training, Imrat!


Please note that if you google “century training plans” you will find an overwhelming amount of info. I get a lot of century/charity riders at the shop I work at and I tell them a basic rule of thumb is to ride 3 times a week. Two rides should be at their current distance, and then one long ride that increases distance by about 15%. So if you currently can do 15 miles, then on say… Wednesday and Friday ride 15 miles, then on Sunday go for a slightly slower 18 mile ride. The next week ride like 17, 17 and 22… etc.

the first thing you have to understand about PLANS is that they are just that… PLANS. They are not absolutes. If you can ride 15 miles twice in a week then you can probably knock out 20 miles. So if you feel like you can do more, do more. And there will be days that you don’t feel awesome, and may end up doing less. This is OK. No big d al.

The good news is once you have the fitness to ride about 30-35 miles, jumping all the way to 62 miles of a 100k ride is actually pretty easy. You can make some big jumps in there. There is a plateau you get to around 65-70 miles. Once beyond that you can progress fairly easily again for some very long distances.

id also recommend doing a 4th day if you can. The day after your longest ride, go for a short ride. Like just an hour or so at an easy pace. Just to get the body used to riding that second day.