Changing my team in Zwift Power

I’m hoping someone has the answer to my problem! Firstly, when I go to Swift Power to check results, I land on the page phpBB where it’s very user unfriendly; I can only get to the ‘attractive’ Swift Power if I clear my cache. I have joined The Pack but I want to change my team to my local bike team as we are having a race series over the next few weeks. I cannot do this for love nor money! I link through from me to the Pack where it prompts me to join. I am already a member and I want to unjoin! When I click on the join button, I’m taken to the phpBB page again where I can’t do anything. Similarly, if I go to my club and click on join, I get taken to the phpBB page. What on earth am I doing wrong because it’s getting really annoying now! Update: think I’ve done it…reregistered and linked up again and it all seems to be fine!

I’d suggest downloading a different browser (or updating your current one).

I’ve tried in both Chrome and Safari…

Paste the link of the phpBB thing you see I’d like to see if I see it too.

Hi Lindsay,
even if you already solved your problem, here ist how it should work.

After logging in to Zwift Power click on “Teams” on the top menu (the one with the black background). Then click on “My Teams”, which is located on the far right, right below your profile picture. This is what it should look like:

You will (should) then see a list of all the teams you have currently joined, on option to leave each team and the option to change your “primary team”. The primary team is the team shown in your ZwiftPower profile.

Best regards

Is this on a PC? On my IPad I only have the leave team option.

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Hi @John_Rhook_Team_AHDR,

I’m on an iMac, but it also shows on my iPad. Depending on the size of your iPad and the length of the secondary team name (which is pretty long in your case) you might have to scroll/swipe to the right to see the button. I will try to attach a screenshot from my iPad, showing the half cut-off button.

Thanks, my iPad wouldn’t scroll to the right. I changed it on my laptop :ok_hand:

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