Changing in-workout difficulty should not update already completed segments

When I use the app to dial up/down the difficulty of a workout as described here I notice that the watts readings in the sections I already completed are changing too.

That’s interesting, but in my opinion the actual bug is that the user shouldn’t be able to adjust the difficulty after starting the workout. A workout is designed to be specific FTP% targets for specific amounts of time and if you are changing the difficulty in the middle you aren’t actually completing the workout.

That’s the point of bring able to change difficulty? Why take this away from the user? If you want to complete at 100% just leave it as it is. What if the user is feeling strong and wants to increase target for an interval? Prescribing intervals (especially over FTP) using the same % of FTP for everyone is not the best approach anyway.

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I have noticed this also. It does seem to be a bug. When you hit the + or - key to raise or lower the percentage of FTP the completed segments change as well. The software allows you increase or decrease your set FTP by a maximum of 10% but it should only apply to the segment you are making the change for.

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