Change riding kit at start line prior to ride start

I’d like to have the ability to change riding kit and enter kit promo codes from the mobile app “in game”.  Many time I find myself at the start of a group event only to find they haven’t posted desired kit or I’ve missed seeing it.






Hi Ray, 

Thanks a lot for your suggestion, I’ll make a note of that. A lot of people use THIS wireless keyboard or any other touchpad keyboard and THIS tray or similar, perhaps something you could consider. It makes it way easier as you don’t have to get off your bike :slight_smile:

Ride On! 

I have a wireless device as you’ve listed.  I would like the ability to make the change from the mobile app.

Agreed. In fact I would consider this a much wider feature request that from the moment you click the Login button to fire up the game, you should be then be able to go to your bike and have *everything* about the game controlled from the Zwift app. Be that pairing your gear, choosing your route, choosing who to ride with, choosing your jersey & bike etc etc. 

The only interaction on the PC you should need is to start the application. At the moment we have a strange mish-mash of some things being able to be controlled from the app and others you need to use your PC directly.

I currently use this -  It’s the mobile app that I would like to give me further in-game control - prior to ride start.