Change Age in profile


In my profile am born in 1920, that wrong… (:o

How can I change that?

You will need to contact Zwift Support to get it changed.

it has been tried but do not know where and their chat does not work …
An email to their team would be best but it will not be checked they write back.

Soo, what to do now?

I am having the same problem. I have set my birth year up as 1906 in error so zwift thinks I am 115 not 25! Haven’t found a solution yet. I’ve emailed zwift support so hopefully I get a response.

You can email their support team by attempting to chat, let them give you the wrong answer, and click the button for “no that did not help, show me more”, then let them give you another wrong answer, then click what ever button says that still did not help, then they finally give you options to email or message them