Challenge Lists

I find it difficult as a user to find listed challenges. Would be great to have access to to a list in companion that is prominent in the user interface similar to “upcoming events”. Also featuring progress when you come I to the “ride” module with a countdown of “kilometers to go until challenge complete”…Similar to STRAVA challenge concept?

When I first started I had no idea there where challenges like Everest, etc…

HI Angel

just go into your menu and there is a small map on the top right of the screen which gives you a choice of challenges also a little icon on the right looking like a rosette which gives you awards for rides and certain tasks completed (Simples enjoy)

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Yes I am aware of this thanks! What I am suggesting is making it in a list format with some sort of challenge category in Companion with progress similar to Strava. Making it more prominent in the game interface. Right now it feels like a secondary thing, and if your not in the know you wouldn’t know where to look without clicking around.

*note: I primarily use Apple TV 4K interface with a projected display.

Somewhere in a tab format on this page…

Supposedly a new ATV UI coming soon. Doubt this will be covered though.

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