Hi, Congratz on the new Companion app. 

Is there any reason you don’t implement workouts in this app, as we can “book” events?

Would be so great to have it there and plan the training, instead of having to log on to the Game-app to see the workouts. Which is not very readable on the iPhone or any phone I reckon…

Hoping for an answer:)






Love now being able to control the workouts and have the workout program in front of me on the phone (on a handlebar mount), so huge thank you!

If you can take it one step further so we can select workouts from the phone that would be great.

Currently using an apple TV and appreciate it’s been previously acknowledged that the workout selecting feature is tricky to use, but any steps to control more of whats happening with the companion app rather than from the Apple TV remote (or computer keyboard) would be great!