CdA for tall riders

I have been annoyed by the aerodynamics aspect of the game for a while now.
Just to let you know my vital statistics, I am 1.99m and 85kg.

I think tall riders are disproportionally affected by the game dynamics. I know some people will say that it is Physics, but I think the CdA formulas need readdressing.
Yes, we do have a larger profile and there is more of us to push through the air, but surely going onto the drops or riding on a TT bike levels the playing field with smaller riders by boosting our aerodynamics by almost folding ourselves in half!

A little example from today; after completing the Medio Fondo, I thought I’d do the bonus climb and try to break the 100kph barrier on the way back down. I waited at the top to see if there was a group to draft to get a boost, and then full gas sprint down a 15% decline. Hitting 1334W on the way down, all I I managed to get to was 98.6kph.
On the Fuego Flats sprint, 1300W gets you over 60kph, but you’re telling me a 15% decline only adds 35kph on to my speed?!

During races and group rides, tall riders are disadvantaged again, we have to put out more watts than the other riders just to stay in the group. This has the effect of bumping up our average W/kg in races and you look like you’re a sandbagger!
I am living with it and it’s not going to stop me Zwifting, but it is disheartening.
Maybe you could put it on your extensive to-do list?

If their calculations at are a reliable indicator, the effect of height should be small in that scenario. In the two calculations below, the only the difference is that the first rider is 39 cm shorter than the second; the first rider only goes 2.5 km/h faster.