Category Enforcement - minimum Watts

I have a question regarding Category enforcement as the definition doesn’t seem too clear to me:
|Open Races|zMAP (watts/kg) |zFTP watts/kg and watts|
|Pace Group A|≥5.1W/kg and ≥250W |≥4.2W/kg and ≥250W|
|Pace Group B|≥4.1W/kg and ≥200W |≥3.36W/kg and ≥200W|
|Pace Group C|≥3.2W/kg and ≥150W |≥2.63W/kg and ≥150W|
|Pace Group D|<3.2W/kg|<2.63W/kg|

The minimum Wattage for the zMAP is for the zMAP or for the zFTP? Example: one racer is B, does a 5.2 wkg zMAP effort 280 watts for the zMAP. zFTP still at 239 watts. Cat up to A or not?

To get any pen promotion…
pen D rider must have zFTP >150W
pen C rider must have zFTP >200W
pen B rider must have zFTP >250W

In men/open races… Might be different for women only events.

wouldn’t be upgraded due to the zFTP being below the floor watt limits


In the column zMAP it doesn’t mention zFTP for the watts. Only above 5.1 wkg and over 250w for A. And even the example above doesn’t specify the Watts type… See the table.

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Most probably it will be like this, but this should be specified (which minimum wattage is taken into consideration).

The arbitrary watt floor used to be a riders ftp value but that’s been superceded by zftp

No, it used to be 95% of best 20min power achieved in a race, not FTP.