Which Category am I in for a race

Hi there

Today I want to complete my first Zwift race. Im 72kg‘s and have a FTp of 159 or something like that. Im pretty new to cycling, been recently training for a triathlon.

My race has category D 1.0 - 2.5 Watts. I would be at the end range so about 2.5 watts. What happens if i went over 2.5 Watts per kg? Are there any „fines“ or actions that come out of that? Im sure ill be ober 2.5 sometimes but there is no way i would be able to hold that for a long time, so im not sure to sign up for category C wich is 2.5-3.2 watts wich is not realistic…

Which category should i race in?

Thanks for letting me know


Race in cat D.

Your zFTP is around 2.2 so you are certainly D Cat.

You will find plenty of times during the race you are above 2.5w/kg and sometimes we’ll over 2.5 but I expect your average for 20 mins and the race will be around or under 2.5.

If you enter a Category Enforced (CE) race there is no penalty if you do really well and exceed the 2.5 limit your result gets to stand. However if you are much stronger than your current zFTP suggests and you exceed approx 2.8-2.9w/kg you will likely find your zFTP goes up and you become Cat C anyway.

Although the entry criteria you often see suggests cat D limit is 2.5 it is actually 2.63 w/kg as old info still being shown.

Be ready for a very fast start to the race, stay with the front group as long as you can as it generally slows after a minute or two to a more sensible speed.


This reminds me of question I meant to ask, why do events in CA show old pre CE Cat boundaries? For example, isn’t the new boundary for D 2.65w/kg not 2.5?


Lebasi, you know better than that.

It’s not bike racing without controversy.

It’s not Zwift Racing without secrets!