Category downgrade

Recently, and since I stopped using the Tacx Flux S as primary power source, I have been using my much more true to life Quarq power meter. This has led to less wattage; I’m happy with that as it’s where I am in real life. I was upgraded to Cat A due to the Flux high reading mainly, and I think a calibration glitch and possibly very cold shed conditions in winter, but gradually since switching to the Quarq Ive now dropped back to 4.06 wkg average best 3. Did I read somewhere that theres a 0.1 leeway? in which case can I expect to go back to B or am I going to have to wait til that drops below 4? I mainly race around 3.9 wkg (not nice in bigger Cat A races)

The .1 w/kg tolerance is at race level (if you exceed your Cat limit plus the .1 w/kg then WKG flag). The top3 that determines Cat only looks at your 95% of 20min performance.