Category B or A

Is 4.16 watt/kg still category B?

Depends on the watts


4.16 for 20 minutes is B since 95% of that is a little under 4wkg

His watts/kg is 4.16 and ftp is 346 and he’s racing on cat B

I don’t understand what you are saying.

Was his w/kg in a race over 4 or is his profile showing his average is over 4.

Best is to e-mail Zwiftpower.

His ftp is 346 and his weight is 83 kg that gives him average watts/kg at 4.16 which should be cat A

His average watts/kg 4.16

95% rule = 3.95

Cat B

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But Zwiftpower use the average of the best 3 races.

Not all races will dq or upgrade racers. Depends on how they are setup.

It is the avg of the best three 20min FTP that determines the race cat. So 4.16 is allowed if the added with the two, then sum divided by three is under 4.0

Please just give the zwift id so people who understand the numbers can asesss. Much easier than drip-feeding partial info.

Please send a E-mail to

When you do, come armed with some information so that we can help you more quickly and easily:

  • A link to your ZwiftPower profile
  • Your ZwiftPower username
  • Your Zwift ID

If you aren’t sure how to locate your Zwift ID, check out this article for steps.

Do not post that information here. Please. Send it in the email.

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