Casette spacer size

What spacer do i need for 10 speed cassette on kickr. The core comes with 1.8mm spacer. Is this correct for my 10 speed or only good for 9? If so, what size spacer should i purchase with my kickr. Thanks

Not sure but I’ve got the same issue with a TACX NEO 2 and the spacers required to get my disk bike onto it…? Also a 10 speed cassette.

I bought 2 mm spacers for my 10 speed cassette on the elite suito. I can’t remember if the bike shop used both or one when switching the cassette over.

You can buy a cassette of zwift but any bike shop would have them.

I can confirm that I’ve ordered the wahoo kickr which comes with 1.8mm spacer which accommodates my 10 speed. Linda