Card approval error, please send promotional code.


I bought 8 a.m. and 47 minutes in Korean time your giftcard.

But, with my email promotion cord hadn’t come.

OK, please.

I want you to cancel or approval, promotion cord send you that.

My email

Just a quick turnaround, please

Hi there,

Unfortunately, I don’t have enough information to track down your purchase. Please submit a ticket and include the transaction id for your purchase. 

Before doing that, please be sure to check your spam / junk email to ensure that the promotion code didn’t get sorted into one of those folders.

I normally try to keep an eye out for gift card issues, so if you submit a ticket, hopefully it shouldn’t be too long before you receive a response.


Name of purchase : chretom

Purchased email :

This is a message from a credit card company.




help me… T.T