Can't remove cassette even with correct tools

I have literally tried with all of my might to remove an 11-speed cassette from my Elite Suito. Even with both a Shimano lock ring tool and chain whip, it doesn’t seem to budge. I’ve watched all of the videos out there. What should I do!? This is so frustrating.

How do you have the trainer positioned? I find it easier to have the trainer standing upright on the floor. Stand behind the cassette with the chain whip in your left hand and push down with the lock ring tool in your right hand.

I tried every position. Eventually, it loosened up, but it took several hours lol. I think my Suito really needed lube to loosen up. I guess in the future, for anyone purchasing a Suito and would like to change its cassette DIY, just be aware that the cassette can be extremely tight upon purchase. If it doesn’t budge after several attempts, just purchase lube to loosen it up or take it to the shop