cant get going on the track, not registering any speed

New trial user. Unfortunately, not having any success. My set up is as follows: cycleops mag + trainer, Garmin ant stick, Garmin cadence and speed sensor and Garmin heart rate monitor. Picking all the sensors easy enough, but not registering any speed. Not measuring any power. Any suggestions.

Corect me if im wrong, but it look like your trainer is a clasic trainer. Does your setup look like this?

That’s correct Gerrie. I suspect the resistance is not set up properly for it to calculate the power?

One more question: when you are on the screen shown above, and you pedal do you see the cadence and speed change.


Ja, I had another go at it tonight and I’m picking up cadence but no speed.

Hope it helps, I’m keen to hear if you suggest anything else for me to try.



Ok it is good that you got the cadence to work that tells me that at least the ANT+ adapter is working. Are you sure that the speed sensor is working, did you test it with another device. What type of garmin sensor do you have.


Are you on Windows or Apple OS?




Type 1 (old)

Type 2 (new)

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The old type speed sensor and windows 10.

I am having this exact issue with the exact same setup. Was there ever a resolution?


Can you please make a new thread with all the issues you are having and the setup. Piggybacking off old threads and saying you have the same issue is not enough info and will get lost and never get resolved.