cannot join zwift academy race



i only have 1 race left to complete the zwift academy.


i wanted to ride the today, friday, 2030 cest, Zwift Academy Training Race (13 mi / 21 km), but couldnt join!!!


when moving the mouse over the event button i didnt get the option to join.


my very last possibility to complete the required races is tomorrow saturday, 1245 cest. (which is 4 hours from now). that event is also not allowing me to join either!!!


i can join all other events before or after, though!


what’s going on???


i’ve made it through all 6 weeks and now i cannot ride my last event???


any help???



I managed to join the last race by registering through the zwift ios app.

no idea why registering on my laptop didn`t work.

on a sidenote:

big thanks to zwift support who responded to my distress call (i immediately sent a support ticket) within 10 minutes and recommended trying the ios app!