Canada Availability

I’m going to say never, I don’t believe Zwift has a store in Canada anymore. They closed that awhile ago.

I wanted to buy a hub, for my wife. No more store, so I bought another Kickr 5, when they were on clearance.

Fortunately I have friends in the states, they are getting me a play. I should have it next week :smile::grin:


ok doug, that’s pretty selfish. are you willing to order a play for all of us canucks?


:rofl: Hahahaha :rofl:

So why can’t they sell and ship internationally from the US store? Though understanding freight charge differences would apply.

Not sure. I ordered a run pod probably 4 years ago.
I’m not sure what happened, but they stopped shipping to Canada. There is no longer a store on the Canadian website.
I went on the US zwift site. I was able to log in. Put the play in my shopping cart, but they only show shipping to the USA.
So I just shipped it to a friends house in Wyoming. With my job, I go down there almost every week.
So easy for me. Hopefully try mine out next weekend :grinning::grinning:

There are some words on why Zwift closed their Canada store at Canadian Zwift Shop Closure [July 20 2021]

I hope you Canadians can work out a way to get hold of stuff from Zwift.

For other zwift merchandise it’s not really a big deal. However with the Play, you’ll see more and more arguments about how it’s providing a competitive advantage to US based riders that’s unavailable elsewhere. Though I wouldn’t expect this sentiment to be more loudly stated until the bugs and crashes are worked out. By that time, perhaps something will have been figured out.

When will Zwift Play be made available in other countries?

I posted this in the latest game update string. No attempt at an answer, just booted off to a backwater.

Why is it that Zwift will not ship to Canada? I’ve been informed that they will only ship to the United States, EU, and the UK

Explanation from 2021:
“Why is Zwift closing its Canadian eCommerce Store?
Unfortunately we have taken the difficult decision to close the Canadian eCommerce Store due to a complicated and disruptive delivery chain which ultimately led to a poor customer experience.”

Hopefully, for those in Canada, Zwift can look into it and see if they can at least ship there again now that we’re a few years on.

Whomever decided that closing the Zwift store to Canada really needs a better understanding of the global marketplace.

This is an absolute joke and being told to simply have it shipped to someone I know in either the UK or the US is shameful.

Zwift really needs to take a look at their business model w/r to hardware.

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One word -
Use Amazon as a storefront. Thousands of businesses do that.


The decision made a lot more sense before the Play controllers were released. Nobody really needs a Zwift Hub because there are plenty of trainer options in the markets they don’t serve. But with steering becoming increasingly mandatory for racing, and no good alternative to the Play controller for many users, it’s a bigger problem now.

All true, but the Play is still a product under beta-release. IMO you can’t really complain until such time it comes out of beta. Limited release is somewhat standard practice with betas.

That said, what I think could be questioned, is whether there is any substantive advantage given to Play owners in competitive events, that can’t be gained in another manner (e.g. purchase of another device that is available in other markets).

For stationary bike riders the Play controllers are the only product I know of unless the bike has a steering integration in Zwift.

Interesting dynamic in a recent race was the crafty drafter with steering who never allowed anyone on his wheel got attacked by every rider who finished ahead of him.

I’ve lost a 2 up sprint with a steering user probably due to steering. I’m not mad but I will try to have a gap by the finish with those guys.

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difference being the cost when they come out of beta


Exactly! Let Amazon do the heavy lifting. Even if Zwift don’t make money on it, they can still make money on our Canadian subscription fees! This is a joke!

Yup, it’s an unfair competitive advantage I’d some riders can buy them and some can’t.

I questioned Zwift Support about the fiscal and gameplay advantage afforded to those that can purchase Zwift Play. Here’s the ridiculous response I got back:

"My name is ***** a specialist here at the Zwift Shop! Currently at the Zwift Shop we only ship within the US, UK, and EU - as you know.

We are supporting around 80% of our customer base with operations in these regions and we will continue to expand in geography where we can provide a great experience . That is the most important aspect of this all, and we are only able to guarantee that great experience within the US, UK, and EU as of now.

While expanding to new markets presents various challenges that must be prioritized within our roadmap, we will never shy away from continuing to look into it."