Can you recommend a Zwift training program for BMX racing?

My son is 9 and races BMX at the national/world championship level. He has been doing some cross training on Zwift for a little while now. I am looking to the experts to advise what pre existing workout programs in Zwift do you think might benefit him the most? There are quite a few to choose from, and I see that you can actually create your own.

BMX is a sprinting sport. The entire lap takes about 45 seconds. You aren’t pedaling the entire time, as you “pump” over jumps, etc. Each sprint would probably be no more than 10 seconds at a time. Would love to hear what some of you would recommend. Thanks!

Je suis exactement à la recherche de la même chose !
Si quelqu’un à un avis…


Actually what would it take to create on zwift each year the track that will be used for the UCI world championships. This year it is in Houston
Thousand of riders from around the world will discover this track few days before the races.
They will be willing to pay to discover it virtually before- i will

Bmx is pedaling a bit but push and pull a lot to generate speed
I can see a spring based device to be put below the front wheel with a pressure sensor that will convert push and pull movement in translation power

It would be super fun and useful