Sprint Event- RoboPacer Group + Sprints

I would quite like a Rob-pacer with a regular sprint section. Not entirely sure how it would work. But something like a robot-pacer in Sprinter’s Paradise and an incentive for going hard on each sprint. The problem at the moment is that the group continues to trundle along as specific W/kg. While obviously you can sprint on your own, you don’t get the pack dynamic and practise at timing your jump.
Would probably need some sort of elastic band effect straight after the sprint to get the group back together for a few km before the next one.
The problem I am trying to solve is a lack of sprint practise. Other than in actual races it hard to hone sprint technique. My the end of most races I am not in a strong enough state to plan a sprint or work out how can improve my technique/ timing. I don’t even know what my best gear ratio is. Doing it on your own just isn’t the same.
Bonus would be that is that it could be good interval workout.
Anyone got any thoughts on this?

Not sure if this is still A Thing:

Thanks.That could be the right sort of thing. There is one at 10:20 BST on Friday. Going to give it a go.
Obviously would be nice to have a rolling version with a robo-pacer, that you could drop in on whenever suited.

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Snow also has one every Friday ZwiftPower - Login

There’s also Ascenders Team Spin & Sprint. It’s very well managed by @Patrick_Tan_AsC_Race

Thank you Paul for the mention. We run both C and D level sprint training reps for an hour.

The emphasis is to get riders used to a solid build up to each sprint followed by a quick recovery before it gets harder again.

Personally, I conduct the D sessions to help newer racers in D build confidence and figure out their technique with pacing cues. This form of structure allowed participants to gradually know how to deal with pace changes and time their sprints better.

See you Sam if this is what you are looking for.

Thanks. Definitely sounds like the kind of thing I am looking for. Event timing is tough to fit in, but will give it a go.

Why don’t you chat with the group and challenge them to a sprint, like we do IRL.

First one to the town line banner…go go

See you Sam.

Here is a stream video of what to expect.