Using zwift for cardio with waight lifting

I’m interested if anyone else is using Zwift as more of a cardio / waight loss tool with there muscle building program. Obviously bikers are a different breed to anyone that who’s into crossfit, waight lifting, or general fitness for that matter. Would like to know if there is any one out there in the zwifterverse who has similar goals.
I really enjoy Zwift. I was really surprised on how much fun it is and can definitely see why people could get into biking through this app. But as a waight lifter obviously high levels of cardio aren’t exactly the best idea… And as all the training programs on here and all the events are all aimed at endurance riding (obviously). So just wanted to know if there was any like minded people out there.

I’m using a spin bike on here no power trainer unfortunately but a spin bike suits my needs more currently. Also I can’t justify spending £300 on a smart trainer when I don’t take biking that seriously. I say that after just spending £470 on an black Rogue olimpic bar but I might invest some day… Prioritys ;-p

Is your goal to improve cardio or to lose weight ? Weight loss would typically be long rides in HR zone 1. Cardio would be more Interval type training that would raise your HR into zone 4 or higher and then recover.
There are Zwift programs for both and I can’t see how it wouldn’t benefit your strength training. If you want to work your cardio more then use less resistance and keep your rpm high, if you want to work on strength and power keep your rpm low and your resistance higher. A really good sprint technique in Zwift is to use a high resistance, stand up, and apply massive power with low rpm.

Just an update. I tried the training again and didn’t get on with it. I did notice that my rpm and Watts where just not matching up with what the bike was saying. I went back and played around with the settings and I think I managed to get it where it should be. Did the shuttle run again and it was much better this time. It dose seem most of my issues with zwift may be technical rather than the app itself. Will keep playing with it and see. I might just have to bite the bullet and get a smart trainer after all. Will see… Hopefully my experience will be better now but will have another ride tonight to see where I’m at