BMX Racing Content

With mountain bikes being implemented, it would not be a stretch to see BMX bikes make a debut if only just for the models (bikes, jerseys, helmets, etc.) Considering that it is an Olympic event, I think there would be some really good appeal for it. I think there is a lot that could be done reasonably to include a variety of different riders, I’m not even saying create an entire track, I just want my full face helmet and 20". The minute this happens, kids and adults that cant get to a track during the pandemic that are heavily invested in the sport will have a fun and rewarding outlet that can help them stay competitive.

Environmental content would be cool, it looks like mountain bikes are starting to see this happen. We could just use that as well. That would be a dream come true!

Would be very interesting. Would be tough to come up with a way to simulate pumping or cornering in game, but standing start sprints with BMX bike graphics would be awesome for getting my little guys into it.

I’m currently racing and riding Zwift regularly with a couple races a week.

There’s a lot of really cool training things that could be added for it! I would love standing gate starts for sprints. Could have it set up like a drag race. Not only that, but just cruising around the scenery on a 20" would be awesome.

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They did Big Wheels trikes a couple years ago, so I’m sure it’s do-able.