Can you play Zwift on Apple Vision Pro?

Interesting but the price of the apple headset risks holding back a lot of people… what do you think ?

Zwift had already tested it in 2017 on the Eurobike with the Oculus Rift VR headset.

Apple Vision Pro isn’t universally available yet - but I’d certainly support compatibility with existing other VR headsets like HP Reverb G2 on PC (Windows for instance).

If it means support for Apple headset then all the better for everyone.

Just getting in before the naysayers try to pour cold water on the idea. :wink:

A little prohibitive with the cost for sure but i seem to think one of the hurdles will be that they’re not IP rated.

With the amount of sweat generated using Zwift then add into the extra liquid from wearing them then i can see a bit of an issue.

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A pretty comprehensive look at them and zwift (as well as outdoor riding!!) here.

Seems to suggest sweat isn’t too much of an issue.

I think it is this vid that Matt mentioned that sweat was a issue even just riding in Z2

I think you will get a better experience with a PC and a 32" monitor close by and that would only set you back $250 for a monitor.

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I don’t know if you agree with me, but what bothers me is the weight of the Apple headset which is still 600g (21.16 oz) and whose mass is carried a lot forward this way. which risks being uncomfortable during a test on zwift…which risks creating tension in the cervical area and therefore fatigue…(; The ideal would be to make a much lighter headset

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Even with a 55" screen the experience is not the same as with a VR headset where you can look to your left, to the right, up or down.

With a normal screen you are just looking at a flat screen (or curved one) in whatever room you have.

With a VR headset you are in the virtual world of whatever it is connected to.

My Reverb G2:

I would use these for Z2 rides and swap over to Windows version of Zwift for that ability. If another cycling app was to bring this ability then I’d switch over to them.

For the others, which VR headset do you already own and use?

anaglyph 3d glasses are very vintage but why not :sweat_smile: The problem is that they are made of cardboard with the perspiration it’s not great, you’d have to take several :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

looking at the video i linked above that isn;'t how the apple vision pro works - it just adds an augmented reality style screen in front of you, if you look around you won’t see the screen anymore.

you can move its position and size and change the background to have a much more immersive experience though

Of course it was a dismal joke but they are readily available in plastic

Because it’s done a particular way on Apple doesn’t mean it should be that way for other devices.

In the opening video you can see it is not done that way for other devices, it is done properly.

I tried Zwift on an Oculus in 2014, I think. It was a beta test. I thought it would be great but it was disorienting in in corners. It’s better to have a degree of separation from the avatar.