Can’t turn off chat function in Apple TV 4

Tried to turn off in settings. Nothing happens. When I try to use Companion to try there, it freezes in Messages

after creating a meetup and chatting with participants via chat, I can no longer disable chat for group tours or races. Even using that option in the game settings (Windows PC).
Chat was disabled for 2 years, now I can’t do it anymore. Which is frustrating.

Haven’t used the meetup Function to get this. Did not change anything either.

I believe that the problem occurred as a result of the penultimate update. Today a new update came out. I haven’t tested it yet to see if they fixed the problem.

Is there a fix here?
Was racing and the “clever” guys with the commentary were almost enough to make me stop racing.
Please fix this!!!

We pay a monthly fee and we don’t even have support from this problem, like “we are working to solve this bug”

I have sent 2 emails to support about this issue over the past 2 weeks. No reply from them at all. This is really disappointing

Hard to believe a simple feature such as this gets broken. Especially when this is such a busy time for the platform and real features or improvements (I can come up with an endless list) should be prioritized.

This is really irritating and it does not seem to be particular to the platform, this is now the behavior on Windows as well