Can not save profile

Hi, Although I have contacted Zwift support, just in case someone else has had and found a solution to, I have an issue when trying to change my profile.

This happens in the Android App and on the web portal. I tried on different systems (Mac,Windows, Android with Firefox, Edge, Chrome and also tried after clearing browser cache and running in incognito mode, but still no luck.

The error is Submission failed! Please try again.


In the web inspector, I see a 409 HTTP error PUT method request.

Any tips would be great.

This issue means I can not link to ZwiftPower.

Ride On!


What are you trying to change?

Hi Mike, I need to change my surname (to link to ZwiftPower) but I get the issue when changing other values, e.g. Height.

I don’t think height I locked down like gender is. Are you using decimals or something? Try whole numbers only.

Hi, thanks for the tip and I tried again and the height is being saved ok, but I still get the error on the first name and surname.

This worked a few weeks ago.

I think that the problem is with my account after changing email address. My email on the login does not match that in the profile and if I try to change it in the security section to the same in the profile it says that the email is already in use.


We recently rolled out the Single Sign On for ZwiftPower so it’s no longer necessary to go through those extra steps of adding the code to your surname for account validation since the login process itself is now uses your Zwift credentials so you should be able to complete that process.

We’re currently working on the issue with the Submission failed error, but it should no longer impact your ability to register for ZwiftPower.

Hi Lucas, Thanks for the message and the SSO worked a treat so all is good.

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