fix the "edit profile form" on the website

(Klemens Mantzos) #1

when accessing the zwift dashboard in safari and chrome (on osx) and click on the edit profile button.

my email is missing, thus i can’t submit. to save my new weight, i have to re-enter my email. bug could be reproduce multiple times (with refresh between).

dont want to piss in another ones pool. but stuff like this can be avoided easily by a simple automated test (request and just submit the from should always work!).

already sent a support ticket, but those guys ask me to reinstall the “zwift game”. 

anyways, thx for this amazing service. big fun!

(Cleve Waterman 69y/o) #2

They told me a fix was in the works.



(Scott) #3

Hi Klemens - as Cleve noted, a fix is coming soon. Stay tuned!