Can not download Zwift app on iOS12 [SOLVED]

Have been trying to redownload Zwift apps to my Iphone 6 as i had problems with the original app but it fails to download any ideas why please.

Hi @James_Gowan1 welcome to Zwift forums.
Shuji from ZwiftHQ here. We’ve had several reports of this problem from folks running the game app on older iphones. iOS v.12.x and older seems to be a common thread. We’ve been talking to Apple to figure this one out.

Is your iPhone capable of running a newer version OS?

Same here. iPhone 7, running iOS 12.4 given issues with ios13 I have not wanted to download. The download starts then cuts out after 25% and says to try later. I deleted the app and now can’t download at all Thanks, Jim

since the last Iphone update I have not been able to use zwift app and when I tried to re-download the app, it fails part way throught the download ???

Same issue, has a resolution been achieved?

Same here, iPhone 6 and I can‘t download the latest Zwift update ( Richmond).

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Hi same here really annoying, what can we do please ? The App will just not re load , I deleted it as it just stopped working. Now I can not get it back . I have an iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 iOS 12.4.5 Unable to update or download main app. Companion app is fine.

@Becky_Hoffmann @James_Gowan1 @James_Stein @Wooper_Junior @Dave_6461 @Nils_Hegerding @C_lara and others reading along:

We’ve heard from others using iOS v12.x devices that the latest game fix that went out last week will download. HOWEVER - it had a bug we patched on all other platforms yesterday, and the iOS version of the patch is awaiting Apple’s approval. We expect that to go out later today (March 3), possibly tomorrow.

When that’s released, please: 1) manually uninstall the Zwift game app from your phone and 2) manually reinstall it. Would you loop back and let us know if this clears up this issue?

The app updated yesterday, it therefore seems the issue is solved.

Thanks for following up!

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