Can I disable ERG mode mid TrainingPeaks workout?

My cycling coach creates workouts that I have been riding on my Tacx Neo2 using my Garmin 820. One of things that I’d really like to be able to do is to be able to disable the ERG on certain parts of the workout.

For example a workout might be a one minute critical performance test. Of the 1 hour session only 5 * 1 minutes need to be done without ERG as you don’t want the trainer auto adjusting the watts as you are trying to go as hard as possible for that period. The other 55 mins can be done using a given % of your FTP.

Can I do this with Zwift?

Hi @Justin_Flanagan,

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Yes that is certainly possible. You can create a free ride block where the trainer will turn off ERG and you will have to change gears or us the Incline button on the companion app to increase the resistance.

If you open your workout in a text editor you can substitute the word SteadyState with FreeRide.


Or you can use to edit your file. The free ride block look like a sinus wave.


Perfect. Looking forward to giving that a try :slight_smile:

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