Can I create a workout like this - hold me between 190 and 220 watts?

I have a mental target in my mind of about 200 watts. So if I am just riding around and I am under 200 watts I try to kick it up. If I am going up a hill and getting over 200 watts I will let myself get up to 230ish but I do not hang out there.

When I am riding in Zwift I might watch TV or read some stuff, and it’s hard for me to monitor my power. But it seems like I should be able to tell Zwift to keep me in the range, like if I am going downhill, it’s ok to let me fall down to 190, but if I hang out there too long, bump me up. And if I am riding up a hill, limit my power at 230.

But I see in the custom workouts that there is only the ability to have one power number for x minutes. Am I wrong that a range should be possible? My brain kinda goes in a circle when I think of the logic - like how would zwift know if it should drop me down or bump me up… but it seems like it could use terrain, heart rate, or cadence.

Do you have a smart trainer that can utilize ERG mode? If so, turn on ERG and set it at 200 watts. No matter what happens you will always be at 200 watts.

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Hi @qning,

That is quite a big range.

I have a custom workout that I use for longer rides, it hold my power at about 205w. There is a bit of fluctuation as I pedal faster or slower.

I do,and I can peg it at 200 watts, but I do not want to just output the same wattage. I want it to fluctuate with terrain.

Another option would be to create a custom workout and do blocks at 190 watts for 5 minutes, then up to 200 for 10 minutes, back down to 190 for 5, up to 210 for 7, etc…


Yeah that’s a good idea.

That’s some steady-state robot stuff, there @Gerrie_Delport! :robot:

(I know, it’s zoomed in to only show ~ 0.5 km - but still. That’s a bunch o’ flat lines!)


LOL it is not me that is how the trainer control the resistance in ERG mode. The Saris H3 is known for very stable ERG control.

a little off topic - I was looking at the H3 - how do you find it? any issues at all? seems great for the price

Hi @Chris_Holton.

I am going to try and be as open as possible, I had a wheel on smart trainer for over 10 years, I then got a Powertap G3 wheel so that I could have more accurate power numbers. I have been using the H3 for 3 about months and I am super happy. It is a heavy solid build trainer, I am not afraid to sprint anymore. It is quick to react, and I have no dropouts and that was the one thing I was concerned about. I cant see how a trainer can get better, maybe if they had a usb port so we could connect directly for more piece of mind.
As I said above the ERG is awesome.

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