Can Anyone recommend a good Training Tire

I’m using a Kirk Kinetic Road machine. Can Anyone recommend a good training tire. Looking for good durability and grip (700c)

Been using one of these for about 3 years and almost 10,000 miles on a trainer without issue or need of replacing:

I used the Vittoria Zaffiro got over 10,000km last year on it. This year i am using the cycleops training tire but to soon to tel how long it will last.

I was using a Zaffrio and it got really slick and was slipping. Can’t really speak to longevity, but I got a Michelin Dynamic Sport 25 yesterday. It is very sticky and does not slip at all. It is also a recommended tire for Bkools series of trainers.

Great feedback ! I really appreciate it! I’ve used continentals on my road bikes and know they are solid! I may try zaffiro. If you’re ever in Texas I’m good for a ride and a beer!

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Vittoria Zaffiro Pro here too. I’m on my second: the first one did wear out:

I guess somewhere between 3,000 - 3,500km of use.

I have a kinetic by kurt and use their training tire. They only sell 1 on the website, so it is easy to find.

I use a tacx trainer tire, and I got well over 10,000 km on it. No issues at all

So after 6 months and not a lot of riding my cycleops training tire developed a bubble. So I am ordering a Vittoria Zaffiro.

I use the red Vitorria as well.
rule 1 don’t over inflate, they will crack or bulge
rule 2 let the air out between rides/inflate each time
super lightly sand metal/black build-up monthly
should last twice as long
when dry and cracking, replace.

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I can’t believe the cycleops developed a bubble within 5000km with the same care as the Vittoria. the Cyclops still look new except for the bubble . I only inflate to 100psi.
I have never done that to any of my indoor tires, but I will do it when i plan to take a few days off.

I also loosen the resistance knob after every ride.

My first trainer tire was a kurt kinetic (green tire) that came w/ the trainer, it died from dry rot after about 1 1/2 yrs. (in north AZ) and over 2k miles, since then I just use whatever road tire is currently on my trainer wheel set. I do wipe them off with a water wetted washcloth, to get any road dirt/particulate off, and to see if there’s any road debris stuck in the tire, before i put the bike in the trainer, after a road ride. I wouldn’t recommend that that if you live in Belgium or someplace with similar road conditions (Northern US or Canada).
I’ve found that some road tires (Vittoria, Conti’s, & michelin) grip the kinetic trainer steel roller even better than trainer tires…afterall, tire manufactuers do actually use steel rollers to test their tires.

you ever tried denatured or isopropyl alcohol on a cotton rag? takes the metal film off the tire and the rubber film off the trainer’s steel roller as well

Really? I’ll try that.

I clean my trainer roller with isopropyl alcohol.

Yes, this the problem I have. It isn’t that the tire just wears out, the trainer is tearing the fabric of the tire sideways. I absolutely will not use Continentals on the trainer, (love 'em on the road though). With continentals this has happened, sometimes, after just three or four 50+ mile indoor rides. Also, I find that, in general the slicker the tire the less of a problem this seems to be.

This is very helpful - Something I’ve been wondering about for a long time. I’m having a huge problem with tires “bulging” after just a few hundred miles. It’s like the trainer is tearing the fabric of the tire sideways. My wheels are true. Thank you.

Another question I have along these lines - Would it make the lateral stress on the tires, causing them to split, be more or less with a wider versus a more narrow width - say a 25mm versus a 23mm?

If you are using a “trainer” tire, I would keep the pressure low, like under 100 psi.
I use Vittoria reds as they have better grip than the orange Conti’s.

I got mine from Halfords :rofl:
90psi and minimum amount of pressure on the roller. Seems to be working ok.