Calculation of distances in Zwift

Calculation of the distances between riders / riders or riders / fences.

Zwift calculates the distances between riders of a group orrace based on the straight line between them and outputs them in the right HUD as a time difference (+ - difference). On a straight line this may be correct, but on winding roads this calculation is not correct. It would have to calculate the distance based on the actual road geometry, otherwise absurd distances, which are expressed there at intervals, are displayed. This is particularly noticeable in hairpin bends or the volcano rise. It can happen that someone who is minutes ahead of you is suddenly behind you.

The same applies to the fence for group rides. Even if you ride behind the fence, it can happen that when passing through the hairpin you are in front of the fence. Please change the algorithm for calculating the distances from the straight-line to the correct road geometry.


Johann Gilles