Cafe stops


I did a 2 hour group ride the other day which was great. I was in the front group and keeping up fine. I then ran out of water and thought I could get a refil going down a downward section.

However in the 30 seconds it took me to get a refil I was distanced and lost about 45 seconds to a minute on the fron group and that was that!

It did get me thinking wouldn’t it be good a longer rides (that are not races) to have a 5 minute “cafe stop” to allow people to refil water bottles, use the toilet etc without loosing everyone?

Obviously not everyone would want to stop so I don’t know how you’d factor this in. Also the obvious answer would be have 8 water bottles lined up already filled, but sometimes you get caught short! And you can’t predict when you’ll need the loo.

It would be a useful feature on the long non competive rides I’d feel.