Cadence does not work

The cadence indicator in the app and in the companion app is bogus and does not work

What trainer do you use.

Did you pair the cadence sensor.

Zwift can only display what is sent to it.

There are hundreds of posts about it, its an issue for two years now. I have an echelon bike and use qDomyos-Zwift, and it displays the correct RPM, however Zwift displays a max of 65 rpm even when the signal sent is 110, both the bike and the phone have the correct signal. its zwift that does not work

Did you pair a bike computer and looked at the signal.

I don’t think Zwift won’t show data if it gets it.

I used a Blue tooth sniffer and the computer it gets a signal but it shows it incorrectly, there are hundreds of posts about this issue, are you technically savvy or just curious?

Please send a support ticket to Zwift.