CABLE NPE Adapter showing +65000 watts


I’m looking for someone who might have experience with the CABLE NPE Ant+ to BLE adapter.

I tried setting mine up last night and wanted to use it with Zwift.

  • The CABLE connects to my SRM Powermeter with help from the CABLE Util app for IOS.
  • I then select Cycling Power as my output
  • Now, the bluetooth output shows anywhere between 0 and 65000 watts (!). When it shows reasonable watts they are well below what my Garmin tells me I am riding on the same Powermeter.
  • I close the app and turn everything else bluetooth off (except my Garmin Dual HRM) and when I connect it to Zwift it will tell me I’m riding 65.000 watts again

I’ve tried everything that could come to mind, but I can simply not figure out why the output from the CABLE is different than the input from my SRM powermeter (as read on Garmin)

Anyone who have tried something similar?

The cable would be an essential tool for me as I cannot use a smart trainer in a basement without power outlets.

Thank you in advance,