Build Me Up results?

I just finished the 12 week build me up training plan and it was kinda hard to keep up with towards the end, but I made it. I improved my FTP from 172 to 196 (about 14%). I’m curious if others would be willing to share their results because I consider myself quite average.

Results of any training and development are so dependent on the person and your state of conditioning. Someone who is just starting out will have a lot of room for growth and could get a big jump in FTP, while a long time rider in good shape may not get a lot of gain but get good conditioning. So don’t take a lot of stock in what others have achieved. Look more at what you achieved for yourself and feel good about it while factoring in your situation.

I’m a 35+ rider in the Colorado mountains. I’m in pretty solid condition for my age, surpassing my age-range friends. I’m at week 7 in Build Me Up. Starting FTP test result was 215. A ride a few weeks ago pushed me up to 235. I’m able to complete each workout at 235 but pushing myself so I’m think it is pretty accurate. That’s a 10% gain on what has been a long stable and strong individual who is returning from loss of strength due to back surgery. So does my result compare to yours and is that an appropriate expectation to hold yourself to? Only you can make that call.

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