Build me up program missing zone 2?


Considering starting the “Build me up Program”. Did it a few years ago and gained around 30w. It was hard and I was not able to do any additional Races or Zone 2 riding.

I have around 5-6 h/week and atm I’m focusing on getting 1 long zone 2 ride (2 -3h), a race (1h) and some AC HIIT (1h). This to mainly build my “base” / increase FTP

However the long zone 2 ride won’t be completed with the build me up progra as far as I can see? Doesn’t the program miss some base training?


Absolutely. The Zwift training plans don’t offer what almost any coach would recommend in a complete plan. Most of them lack sufficient volume and propose too much intensity for most people. Many of the workouts encompass too many zones as well. There are good workouts in the library but you really have to know what you’re doing to find them, and you’ll need to design your own plan.


When they released Build Me Up Lite I thought what they were going to do was keep the key intense BMU workouts as they were, but simply reduce the number of intense sessions per week, then either add in some lower intensity or more rest days. They did reduce the number of days per week, but they also watered down all the workouts to be shorter, and less TSS.

For me Build Me Up has too many days of intensity, and Build Me Up Lite’s workouts and number of weeks are too short, so neither is interesting to me personally.